The risk of malaria applies only to certain areas and terms of the year.


Malaria is a disease caused by parasites which is transmitted by the bite by and infective mosquito. Its symptoms include high fever, chills, and influenza-like symptoms. Southeast Asia is one of the parts of the world where malaria occurs. However, the risk of acquiring malaria differs substantially from country to country and even from region to region. Malaria transission is, naturally, connected with the presence of mosquitos which is highest around freshwater and swamps in particular. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration your itinerary, the season, and also your particular condition. 

There is no vaccination against malaria. The only way to protect yourself when travelling to the regions with malaria occurence is prevention. It may consist of chemoprofylaxis and mosquito avoidance measures. Please consult your travel medicine specialist regarding the chemoprofylaxis. Mosquito avoidance measures include wearing appropriate clothing to cover exposed skin, sleeping in bed net, and using insect repellent with higher percentages of active ingredient (DEET) or eucalypt oil.