Sihanoukville is located on the banks of the Bay of Thailand, in the South of Cambodia. It is the only port on the Cambodian coast.

The distance between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville is 185km and takes about 4 hours. The best way to get to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh is by road, the train services are not the most reliable ones.

The port in Sihanoukville was built in the 50's and is called after a previous King Sihanuk. At the moment Sihanoukville is experiencing a major tourist boom and is changing to a popular beachy destination. Beautiful, still not over-crowded beaches (compared to the neighbouring Thailand), turquoise waters, excellent diving and sailing opportunities make Sihanoukvuille a top destination in Cambodia. Sihanoukville is now accessible by air as the local airport recently started to accept international flights.

The coastline itself is full of gorgeous beaches. Mostly white, sandy ones, although you can find pebble beaches too. The beaches here are surrounded by palms and lush green tropical nature.

The best and the biggest beach is O Chheu Teal (Ochheuteal Beach), located on the East side of Sihanoukville's seaside. This beach is the busiest of all in Sihanoukville. During the day is full of children selling local souvenirs, in the night it changes to a bar and restaurant place where you can enjoy anything from local fish speciality to any world cuisine you can think of. Dancing and partying on this beach is a must!

The Victory beach, is another of our favourites. It is a bit quieter then the Ochheuteal Beach but still lively. You can get a modest accommodation around the Victory beach and enjoy the sunny days.

Another beach, called Serendipity, is a shopping paradise for many! You can also get any music downloaded here. Independence is a gorgeous, quiet beach where you won't be much disturbed during your relaxing time.

The Sokha beach is really long and sandy. It is a private beach and only guests of particular hotels and  bungalows have the right to use it.

If you fancy a beach for yourself only, you can choose from a wide variety of day trips that are available for sale locally. You can visit some of the stunning private islands and enjoy time on your own... paradise!

Not too far from Sihanoukville is a gorgeous private island called Koh Dek Koule, that was visited by French notables in the past. You can see a fake water lagoon there and a man-built lagoon. This island is luxurious and even though you can spend a night there, it will cost you approximately 3,500 USD per night!

If you are a diving fan, why not to join local diving classes day trips or multiday diving safaris. You can join as a beginner or an advanced, experienced diver.