There are (rarely) clients treading lightly indeed, with only a small backpack passing as a hand luggage. Lost luggage, too big, heavy or a clumsy one it, can all spoil a little bit your vacation. For the remaining majority here are some (pretty obvious) tips.

Please check with your airline the luggage limits both in terms of its weight but also dimensions. These limits become more and more strictly enforced. Please note that different airlines have often different limits both for checked in and cabin luggage. Especially the low cost carriers used for hopping around the area whether domestic or to the neighbouring countries offer air tickets without any luggage included and you should book these extra when booking the tickets. Dealing with extra and/or overweight luggage at the airport is costly and can often incur higher price that the air fare itself. Don't forget to clearly mark your checked in luggage with your name, address of the next hotel and with your phone number.

At certain places there may not be porters to carry your luggage. You may be required to carry your possessions over some distance, upstairs and back, etc. Think of this possibility at the time of packing. We advise 'to tread lightly'. The climate is warm, it is easy to have your laundry done at many places for a small fee and you may find some articles to purchase to add to your wardrobe.

If you do a lot of shopping it is a good idea to forward it to your home address or to the last hotel before leaving.