Beaches and Islands

Crystal blue sea, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, light cooling breeze, warm sand...This part of Cambodia is a paradise. It offers a full on relaxation and lazing in the sun.

There is only one resort on this beautiful island. Just eight bungalows, tastefully hidden at the seashore.

Sihanoukville is a charming Cambodian city located in the South of Cambodia, by the warm prestine waters of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the only port on the Cambodian coast.Sihanoukville (also called Kompong Som) is surrounded by the best Cambodian beaches and little tropical islands. The beaches are mostly white, sandy ones, although you can find pebble beaches too. You can enjoy various day trips to the romantic little islands, book a diving course or simply relax under a shade on your pearl-white beach. Sihanoukville has many options for everyone.