Adventure tours

Cambodia is still a relatively unexplored destination deserving undoubtedly your visit!

Do you enjoy Khmer dishes? Become an expert cook and start making them yourself. You and your friends will be delighted to taste the flavors of Cambodia back home.

You have just a day or two to spare? Then single day trips is the right solution!

We have offers for the diving enthusiast which are hard to resist. The 'Silent World' to which Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau has introduced the rest of the world continues to amaze those, who venture deep under...

When travelling to South East Asia you may as well consider visiting not only one, but two, three or four countries at once. We offer a various types of trips and routes, but if you have a preffered choice of activities and places you wish to visit along the way please get in touch with us... You can get a group of friends together and travel 40 days on the Big Indochina Circle through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.If you only have limited time, 24 days for instance, you can spend a couple of days in Bagkok, then fly over to Chiang Mai, visit Laos, Northern Vietnam (Sapa and Halong Bay), fly down to Ho Chin Minh City, then take a short flight to Cambodia and spend wonderful time cycling, exploring and admiring the historical temples. Join yoga classes, go trekking in the mountains...finish off at the beach rellaxing and tasting the best food on the planet.

If you are thinking about planning a multicountry please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., have a chat with us and then we can plan the tour together. We are very keen to know what places you would like to see the most, what budget you are looking to spend and what activities you would like to include. What we like about our trips is that they are fully flexible, we listen to you and your needs as a customer and then we create the best tailor-made trip for you.

Our offer for the Sailing enthusiast is hard to resist! Book a luxury catamaran and set sail along the white beaches with your family or a group of friends!

Thailand is a very popular destination. We would like to introduce it to you from a slightly different, more adventurous angle.

There is no better way to explore an unknown country than on foot!

Vietnam offers a lot to the discerning traveller - cities, historical sights, natural wonders - mountains, plains, lakes, mighty river Mekong, seashore with many islands and friendly people.