A lively, touristy beach on the East Side of town that will tempt you with its' shopping, bars and restaurants.

The Serendipity beach is a busy touristy beach located at Ochheuteal's extreme North End on the East side of the town. Over the past two years Serendipity's popularity has grown together with the new built bungalows, hotels, and restaurants and the numerous Western style bars. There are over 60 restaurants (covering about 20 different nationalities). The Serendipity beach is the only beach in Sihanoukville to offer accommodation right on the sandy area. The beach offers several mid-range and budget places including the well-known bungalows Coasters', Uncle Bob's 24-hour restaurant and budget rooms. You can get a room here starting from $1/per night to $200. Please be aware that this beach can get very noisy at night.

The swimming is not great here, but the shopping is! Serendipity has turned into the shopping section of town and is full of souvenir shops, MP3 downloads, tour services and more. Here you will find the main tourist pier for trips to visit the islands.
To get to the Serendipity Beach please follow Ekareach Street straight through the Golden Lion Traffic Circle as it is within walking distance from the town.