Rolous Group, also known as Rolous temples, is an archeological site located 13 kilometres east of Siem Reap.

There are fantastic three well-preserved temples: Bakong, Preah Ko and Lolei. The temples were built in the from the 9th century when the Rolous was an ancient capital under the reign of King Indravarman. Preah Ko temple was built in 879, Bakong in 881 and Lolei a little bit later in 893.
Today, a modern village Rolous surrounds the temples. As mentioned the temples here are nicely preserved and it is a very peaceful place. It is even more quiet and less touristy then the main Angkor temples so if you are thinking of a great day out you are heading in the right direction. The best time to visit the temples is in the afternoon between 2-3pm. Many people think they will only stay a couple of hours but slowly will fall in love with these three majestic and mysterious temples and will stay to watch the sunset. Taking a bike for this visit is a great option. It makes a good day trip and you will see a lot of local life, villages, fields and nature on your way.

Please do not forget your Angkor Pass when visiting the Rolous Temples as they are considered to be a part of the Angkor Complex.