Thai and Cambodian cuisine share some similarities due to their geographical proximity and historical connections, but they also have distinct differences that reflect each country's unique cultural identity. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between Thai and Cambodian cuisine.

My favourite day trip from Siem Reap! Great place, good distance, quiet roads.

Cruise in the Andaman Sea from Phuket to the Malaysian border and back - November 2015

Here are our memories of the lovely 100 Waterfalls Trek in Laos, which we did in July 2014. What an adventure!

This article is by no means a travel report or a guide. Just feelings, thoughts and comparison with the other countries in the region.

P’jum Ben Day is also called the Ancestors' Day in English and could be compared with the All Souls day in the Christian tradition

It may appear that I only concentrate on 'getting around' but it is not so and it will change. On the other hand, it is the first thing you will need after arriving to your destination :-)

Another option how to travel around in Cambodia is getting a tuk tuk. You will be offered "Tuk Tuk, sir?" so often that you may decide to buy on the local market a T-shirt with the "No tuk tuk today, please" inscription. However, usually it is enough to politely refuse the proposal. On the other hand, it is a local way of travelling, a bit cheaper than a taxi and a bit more expensive than moto-taxi.

If you are travelling three (or four with reasonably small luggage) you may think of a car as then the price does not differ much from the minivan/bus tickets.

You gain comfort, speed and the freedom to stop whenever you feel so or want to see something interesting on the way. A car for the day would cost you between 50–60 USD.

My wife runs a restaurant in Siem Reap. A successful one, full on most days ;-) It is frequented usually by locals and its menu is more than simple – a single dish, Muscovy Duck Soup.

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