Otres Beach was listed amongs the Top 22 Beaches to visit in Asia and is on the top of our list too!

Otres is a gorgeous, laid back beach. It is more secluded but still lively. It is a great relaxing alternative to the super busy Ochheuteal Beach. The beach is located South from the Ochheuteal Beach and resembles Ochheuteal in the three kilometre crescent of pearl white sand but is its' more leisurely and relaxed version. The Otres was recently listed amongst the Top 22 Beaches to visit in Asia. The beach is a bit further from the town but still a short ride in a tuk-tuk. At the moment is the fastest growing beach in town, as electricity and a couple new roads were developed. Infrastructure here is expanding rapidly.

Although there are no hotels, spas or large restaurants on Otres, you can find several dozen beach stands and fine dining here. Most of the small beach restaurants serve seafood and more, but each place has its own unique flavor. There are several bungalows and small guesthouses on the beach, most sitting right on the sand just a few meters from the water. Price and quality of the rooms and bungalows varies (from $5 to $150 per night), so decide for the room that best suits your budget and requirements. Please bear in mind that the seclusion and lack of development that affords Otres's tranquil atmosphere also limits some services. After dark it can be difficult to travel between Otres and town.

Sailing boats, kayak rentals, windsurfing – all available here.

The Otres beach is a great place to chill and meet new people and is another must-see in Sihanoukville!