Sights & Places

There are so many interesting places in Cambodia! To make your choice easier we have split them into several categories and we are gradually filling in the contents.

Crystal blue sea, beautiful islands, white sandy beaches, light cooling breeze, warm sand...This part of Cambodia is a paradise. It offers a full on relaxation and lazing in the sun.

Settlements - cities, townlets, villages, hamlets - are part of Cambodia. Some are important, some are beautiful, most are unforgettable.

Cambodia is still to a great extent touristically unexplored territory offering natural and historical sights comparable to the most world famous ones.

In different countries there are different customs. Experience the life in Cambodia!

National parks and reserves - this is the natural beauty at its best. At times rugged, at times gentle but always soothing for the soul and sight. The nature is beautiful in any country. Cambodia is no exception. Come to see for yourselves.